3 Favorite Midge Patterns

Big bad articulated streamers are a ton of fun when the browns are on the hunt.. Watching any size trout suck down your massive foam dry fly can be enough to drive a man insane.. A tiny rock dwelling worm is not glamourous.. and is certainly not flashy.. But every angler needs to have a Midge or two in your box! These are my three favorite Midge patterns to represent the three major stages in this little bugs lifecycle. Tying the midge pupa, midge emerger, and midge fly are all fairly simple and extremely effective. These are my go to patterns for winter time fishing or if I were to stumble upon a cheeky tailwater.

Crystal Flash (any color)
Ultra wire (Silver)
Grizzly Hackle (To match hook)
60 Degree hook (18-22)
Emerger hook (18-22)


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