Adjustable Dry Dropper

You better read it and weep folks.. or watch it rather.. because I have made something that will change the fly fishing industry... Okay that's a bit much.. it MIGHT.. If anything it should change the way you look at a "dry-dropper" rig. Adjustable dry dropper rigs can no longer haunt your fish filled dreams. No sir, no ma'am. With equal parts noggin power and sorcery I am conjuring them into your reality.. well and hopefully into your fly box as soon as you watch this video. I could go on and on about the shortcomings of the "traditional" dry dropper rig. Looking at it objectively and through my own personal experiences.. it has serious limits. They had their time and place without a doubt. But the innovation offered in this video should put that old horse "out to pasture".. so to speak.. From here on out you should never have to wrestle with the archaic nature of this static rig. Days of wasting tippet and time are over. Not only does my dry dropper system work as an incredibly efficient indicator, it is also a damn dry fly! How often do you get your cake and then actually eat it? It takes the best elements of the "traditional" dry-dropper but then elevates the rig in every other aspect. I have been "prototyping" this rig for well over a year now and I can say without a doubt that this thing works. I am my own worst critic, I PROMISE. (anything you've got to say won't scratch how I feel about myself.. so kick rocks) I am seldom satisfied with my accomplishments or place in life. That is why I wanted to meticulously research and develop this entire process. I'm not kidding... I put this under a hypercritical microscope as I dragged it through angling hell. This is that one shining moment where I can actually stand behind my idea. An idea that could wildly change the way a lot of folks think about fly fishing. There is nothing complicated about this fly or the rig. This "bead" & "tube" technique can be applied to ANY dry fly. Of course, when I say "any" I am referring to ANY dry fly you would use in a "traditional" dry dropper rig. (Don't @ me with any stupid #22 midges please) With the low level of intrusion this system brings to the fly, I wouldn't be surprised if the "big boys" start picking this trick up...


1. Glass Beads -They come in all colors and sizes. I suggest anything in the range of 2 - 2.8mm. -This should cover any size hook you use. -Just know that some glass beads will be shaped differently than others.
2. Tubing -You can DIY this if you are feeling really bold. (Same dimensions as the beads) -The stuff that comes in the packs of NZ Strike indicators actually works really well. (I use the "REGULAR" size)
3. Tippet Rings -Smaller for small flies.. Bigger for bigger flies.. pretty easy. (Or just use a blood knot)
4. LITERALLY ANYTHING -Use the same materials from any of your favorite dry fly rigs -There is nothing special about the two flies tied in this vid


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