“Want to go fishing this weekend?” Was usually followed by a grin and wink from my old man. Knees and elbows would bash the banister as I would clamber downstairs to start packing. This was a surefire phrase that would keep me up all night. My little eyes wider than a flood stage Mississippi River, I can remember the swelling of excitement and unknowing anxiety of a new adventure. The small streams and rivers outside of St. Louis, Missouri were the perfect proving grounds to develop my love of nature and appreciation of fly fishing. As the years carried on, it became the low pressure environment where my dad and I could enjoy each other's company. Rather than fighting about my grades, my athletics performance, or my immature decision making. If you missed a fish? Cast again. Not catching anything? Sit down and take in the surroundings. Reflect on your place in the world and enjoy some river snacks with your favorite people.

By the time high school rolled around fly fishing was just starting to really take off on places like Instagram and YouTube. It was such a cool community full of some really creative folks pushing the boundaries on what is known in the sport.  This was such a cool community and I almost felt a sense of pride "identifying" with this group. I was a fly angler.  I would spend my weekdays grinding it out on the Missouri River flood plain. Certainly not desired but desperate for a tug, nothing was safe from my fly. Grass Carp, Gar, Common Carp, Catfish, Bass, and anything else that swam in those muddy waters were prime targets.  Weekends were spent BEGGING my poor folks for the keys to the car. I would usually barter my way into more chores and yard work just for the chance to fish for wild rainbows just outside of St. Louis. Mostly solo I really began to hone in my abilities based off of what I experienced. I started to rely much less on what I read or watched from the "industry". Looking back I am not sure why I did all this. Hours alone on the stream or on the road with no promise of catching fish. This borderline obsession just seemed to be the only natural thing in my life.  I always seemed to find myself taking the "hard way" with school, athletics, and relationships. Fly fishing was the only thing I could confidently say I was good at. (And I wasn't even THAT good, I'm still not..)

This passion I formed for fly fishing has taken me on adventures all across the United States.  I have been able to see and do more than I could have ever dreamed. What started as telling stories to family and friends slowly evolved. Instagram pics, GoPro vids, and countless half finished fishing journals were all ways to express how I felt about these adventures.  Each had their place, but I wanted to better capture the entire experience of this thing I loved so much. This is what led to me investing into a camera and editing software. Slowly this became a YouTube channel, which then grew into an amazing community! I couldn't believe the amount of people who shared my love for fly fishing. A community that is bigger than borders and surpasses language barriers.

However, I also noticed how hard it is to gain quality information in the fly fishing community. The "Walled Garden" mentality seems to exclude and shun new comers who have yet to pay their "dues". (Unless you literally pay) From a young age I could never get straight answers or find quality information on the sport. This meant a great deal of trial and error on my end. It's an old timers mentality, I like to call it famine thinking. To act like "your" favorite public waters are an extremely finite resource that should only be kept for the "privileged few" is so silly to me.  I have never had issues finding new water and unique opportunities no matter where I find myself in the country (and let me tell you I have been around the block). That's what gave me the idea to create all of this. I want to give people the opportunity to learn everything we do here, NO MATTER WHAT SZN. 

Bad info can sink a ship. Outdated books or sub par info from the local shops can rob you of your time. Something we can never get back. I do not claim to know anymore than the next guy or gal that flings a fly.. But what I do know is that I have hundreds of hours of stream time documented and banked on YouTube. You can see the streams. You can see the fish. I am not saying my way is the right way, it is just A way. 

We here at FLY ALL SZN do not claim to be experts in anything.  There is so much out there to still learn and experience.  The nuts and bolts of fly fishing can be hard enough.. Why make the research any harder than it needs to be?  We have no need to mislead you or keep you away from our favorite waters. This team is dedicated to the average Joe or new angler who just wants to catch some crispy fish. At the end of the day that is really all we want to do too! All the information we have for everywhere we fish will be uploaded to this website for your learning. 

We hope you find this site useful! If you have any questions that you cant find here be sure to join our discord community here. There is a huge base of fly fisherman from all over the globe who are more than willing to help you with any question you have! 

Stay crispy.. Keep those feet in the water.. and until next time TIGHT LINES!