Golden Stone Fly

I like big bugs and I cannot lie... Fish big? Catch big? Right? That is what I tell myself to try and justify throwing ridiculously oversized bugs! This golden stone fly is one of my all time favorite patters to throw to scratch that itch! This fly is the GOLD STANDARD! It is not any pattern in particular, but it is big and buggy. It looks a little like everything but nothing in specific. I love throwing general patterns that cover a wide range of presentations. With all the traveling I do, I can't get dialed in on the particulars of an area. But what I can do is fish something that will semi resemble what is in the water in size, shape, and color. With all the loose fibers flowing in the water, it drives those fish wild! Mike tested! Mike approved!


ANY Heavy wire hook: Size 6-10
Cone head to Match
Lead Wrap
Round rubber barred legs
Crystal Flash
Copper wire
Brown/Gold dubbing
Brown/Gold Zonker Strip



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